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Photo Gallery

Camp Components
793 Rock Truck Chassis
Office Unit and "Vern"
901 crane.
720 Euclid half box
725 Bridge Beam
718 2010
128 720
990 snowcat 1
128 crane
714 mine truck
145 & 720
Larry 126
Metal Wheeled Tractor
Bridge Beams.
Komatsu Excavator
Propane tank
Rock Truck
Rail Equipment
Poles to Saskatchewan
Power Poles Ft McMurray
Load of Toys
Mine Grocery Run
Skid Steer & Mini Excavator
Camp Move
Madill Log loader
Camp Move
Tilt Deck Equipment Trailer
Load for NWT ice road
Poles to Ft McMurray
Cat Loader 8 axle load
Gold Mining Trommel.
Crusher Move
Short Logs 2015-16 season
Madill Processor
Pintle Camp Move
336E Excavator
Forestry Mounder
Carry Deck
Gold Mine Trommel
Volvo Excavator
500 ton crane boom
Wagner Section
Leaving the Northwest Territories
Cat Excavator
Water Truck
Track Drill
D10 Dozer
Cat 631E Scraper
CAT Excavator
125 ft Power Poles
Cat Excavator
Cat 349E Excavator
John Deere 450C Excavator
Rolls of steel
Off Road Load of Logs
Short Logs
Rail Shuttlewagon
Log loader
Taylor Forklift
500XL Tadano
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